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Why it is better to call a plumber than DIY


Don't DIY with plumbing and electrical before reading this!

Doing it yourself (DIY) more often seems like an economic and efficient alternative to quickly fix or improve your plumbing project. However, each project has its variables from whether you have the relevant skills, the duration of completing the task, and how hard the task is are some of the questions you should ask yourself before doing it yourself.  It is not surprising that, most of your DIY projects will end up with regrets having wasted a lot of time and resources and you are most likely to end up contacting a professional plumber to complete or start the project all over again.

Below are some of the reasons why you should always consider a professional plumber than doing it yourself.

  1. It is economical

Most people have the notion that DIY is going to save you money; however, there is no DIY work compares to the expertise that a professional plumber brings to the project. Are you ready to cough out thousands of bucks to buy or hire some expensive tools for some plumbing tasks? I thought so; you are not up for it.  It is thus important that you always contact a professional plumber even for those small plumbing tasks before they become an unmanageable nightmare and end up breaking your bank.

  1. Your Safety

If you thought that some plumbing tasks are an easy fix when you have the right tools, you might need to reconsider that. For instance, a leaking pipe in your bathroom might look deceptively easy to fix but in the wrong hands, it might turn into a nightmare. In an effort to fix your overflowing toilet, you might end up flooding your house which is a potential health hazard. The wise thing is to call a licensed plumber to have it fixed.

  1. It is faster

Apart from being safer, hiring a plumber will have your problem fixed faster than doing it yourself thus saving you time. Unlike you, the plumber comes equipped with the right tools and has ample experience on the same.

  1. Plumbing Warranty

Since most homes are protected by warranties, these warranties will only be honoured if at all plumbing tasks are performed by a certified or licensed plumber. If you decide to DIY your plumbing improvements, your warranty is likely to be forfeited on the grounds that you did not use a certified plumber.

Still insist on doing it yourself? you should consider the following basic safety guidelines and regulations.

  1. In case you are near a power source, ensure that electricity is turned off.
  2. Turn off the water before embarking on any plumbing task.
  3. Wear a respirator or a facemask always to protect your lungs from fumes and dust.
  4. Protect your eyes from debris and water sprays.
  5. While working with loud power equipment, always protect your ears.
  6. To protect scalding and burns, always wear protective gear including gloves while dealing with hot water temperatures.
  7. Never use the wrong tools for the sake of getting the job done. If the task requires an expensive or a larger tool, that is a good indication that you need to hire a professional plumber.
  8.  Always be prepared to contact someone for help in case of an emergency.

Professional Plumber in Melbourne

Always consult a professional plumber for assistance for any issues and to discuss your options.
At Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, we are experts in all areas of plumbing, so give us a buzz and we’ll able to discuss the options with you to find the best solution in the quickest time.

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