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Water mains replacement in Melbourne and issues you could prevent at home and businesses

Constant improvement and the upgrade of cities’ utility systems take place very often, these processes occur because established metropolitan areas face aging infrastructure, devices, fittings and civil engineering works that are also exposed to increased demand and other types of challenges.

Utilities such as water mains are the backbone of every modern settlement because they provide the ability to supply in an efficient way the important liquid that is water for survival, but water supply is also important for safety when ensuring fire protection capabilities, and public health because it also enhances the ways for the disposal of wastewater. Being embedded into the urban areas and their intricate dynamic, it is vital for cities and municipalities to act in a swift and effective way when responding to water mains replacement necessities. This aspect received investments by Melbourne Water of $7.9 Million for the latest annual report in 2022. (Melbourne Water, 2022)

Sometimes these replacements and upgrades could entail some types of drawbacks for the general population, but most of which can be prevented by being vigilant and by scheduling regular maintenance with qualified plumbing staff. Common issues when water mains are replaced and water pressure increases include but are not limited to pipe bursts, appliance damages, lesser water efficiency because of waste and fixture deterioration.

In the first place, the conditions of old pipes can become a situation of interest if water pressure for the main arises, this is due to materials’ degradation related to natural wear, corrosion and rust that may contribute to weakened integrity. Reduced flexibility and fractures may lead to problems such as leaks and unchaining other problems such as humidity in surfaces and structures.

An increased water pressure and thus an increased water flow also modifies the optimal functioning of appliances and their life spans, by putting a higher strain on their components such as valves and seals, increasing the noise and vibrations of the appliance when operating. Commonly used devices that could decrease their performance in a non-optimal water pressure setting of operations include dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, shower heads and others.

An important fixture that also deserves care, vigilance and maintenance are flexi hoses, these are the devices that allow the connection of one or several devices and fixtures to the water supply. Typically reinforced, they are built to last but conditions of operation such as higher-than-optimal water pressure contribute to an accelerated wearing of the materials and a decreased resistance.

Another aspect but not less important is water waste, this increased water flow also means that your everyday activities will report a bigger consumption since appliances and faucets will experience faster flows, leading to a perceived need for a bigger amount of water for the same tasks, eventually for homes and businesses bills will show an unpleasant picture regarding water consumption.

Hire a Professional Plumber in Melbourne

Many of the issues listed above are preventable by implementing regularly scheduled oversight by qualified plumbing and drainage companies such as Reed Plumbing and Drainage. In some cases, properties may require the installation of pressure valves to control the intensity of water flow, this allows homes and businesses to enjoy a standardised water pressure that ensures a better lifespan for appliances, fixtures and assets that are vulnerable to higher-than-standard water pressure distress. Monitoring of leaks and faulty pipes also becomes increasingly important in this context, by detecting a leak on time, you can prevent water issues that may escalate and end up in costly house repairs and civil work. Fortunately, nowadays the technologies to identify and repair leaks are extensive and we have a vast range of professionals that will deliver the best quality.


Contact Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions today, here we are more than 20 qualified plumbing professionals, highly trained to assess and give you advice for situations such as increased water pressure that affects the proper daily functioning of water-related activities around your house or business.

If you think we can be of service, please give us a call on 9331 6633, book online through the website (book online here), email us ( or reach out on our social media social media, etc.

We are experts in all areas of plumbing, so give us a buzz and we’ll able to discuss the options with you to find the best solution in the quickest time.


Melbourne water annual report  2021-22. (2022, september). Melbourne Water.

PDF Page 13.

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