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Common Signs That You Have Slab Leaks


Slab Leaks. Don’t ignore the signs.

Slab Leaks are bound to occur every once in a while in our homes. Leaks are not selective as they can happen even to the most diligent homeowners. The good thing is that most of these leaks occur in areas that are relatively easy to reach, like in the toilet, shower, or below the sink. Using some ordinary household plumbing tools or calling a Plumbing Company you can fix these leaks.

However, some of these leaks could occur in hard areas to fix and detect. When a pipe underneath the slab’s foundation breaks, it might be hard for you to notice until after a long while. The broken pipe spills water into the ground and the home’s foundation, which can end up damaging the concrete. If the leak is not fixed soon enough, it is likely to cause the foundation to buckle as well as crack the floors and the walls of your home. It can also cause partial or the whole house to collapse in severe instances.

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How Often Are Slab Leaks?

The frequency of slab leaks depends on your region. Slab leaks are more common in areas prone to earthquakes or microseisms, such as in states like Victoria, where shifting ground puts immense pressure on pipes subjecting them to crack or shear. Due to the deteriorating Greater Melbourne’s sewer pipes as well as corrosion of the copper pipes, old houses are more susceptible to slab leaks.

Until your water cost shoots unreasonably, you might never notice water leaks in a slab foundation. After noticing the abnormal discrepancies in your water bill, the chances are that you will go in and around your home checking for leaks in all of the possible places such as toilets, showers, faucets, and hoses. Unfortunately, the slab leak will escape your notice during the inspection process.

Common signs of a Slab Leak

Below are some of the common signs that you have a possible leak beneath your slab foundation.

Warm floor spots

You can easily identify the leak’s location if the hot water line is the one with the leak by simply checking for unusually warm spots on your floor. The process can be fairly easy, especially if you have thin linoleum or a carpeted floor. However, if you have a tiled floor, it might be difficult unless the leak is so severe that it causes water to flow between the adhesive and the tiles. In such instances, you will have to depend on other warning signs.

Damaged Floor

In some extreme cases where the leak has lasted for a while, you will likely notice the damaged floor in the form of warps or a dome or a raised floor. Apart from an indication that you have a leak in your foundation, a dome might mean severe damage to your home’s foundation.


In severe cases where your foundation experiences swelling to a certain degree, it is likely to lift the building. You must seek an expert’s services if your home has undergone heaving due to a leak underneath the slab.

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Remote CCTV pipe inspection and video reports

If you suspect of any leakage, always consult a professional for assistance to discuss your options.
At Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, we are experts in Leak Detection and Pipe Relining.

We can detect any leak from above ground so there is no need to dig or damage your property. Using high-resolution thermal imaging cameras and electronic listening sticks to provide our customers with the most efficient and effective leak detection possible.

Also, we can put a camera down the drain to inspect the damage from an existing access point on your property.

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Leak detection in Melbourne

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