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Premium Gas Fireplace Installation Melbourne

A tasteful fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home – as long as it is installed correctly and gives off the right amount of heat. There are a significant number of plumbing codes in relation to the correct installation of gas fireplaces. 

And, aside from compliance with existing code, you will want to ensure that the installation is performed to a high standard in order to maintain maximum efficiency and increased longevity of your gas fireplace. A fireplace is a core fixture that should last as long as possible.

Which is why you should get the best gas fitters you can to install the fireplace without messing around. Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions have a 5 star rating on both Facebook and Google. 

We are fully compliant with all the regulations and standards surrounding gas fitting and gas appliance installation. Safety is a huge concern when it comes to working with gas, and we take care of our customers and staff with the best installation and the most thorough training.

We can also provide essential maintenance on the fireplace for maximum efficiency and reliability.

For premium gas fireplace installation in Melbourne, call the experts – 9331 6633.

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What are the different kinds of gas fireplaces

What are the different kinds of gas fireplaces?

Generally, there are 3 broad kinds of gas fireplaces to choose from – inserts, log sets, and built-ins. The insert is a log sitting inside a metal box that sits inside a bigger metal box.

 It is ‘inserted’ into a wall and does not protrude outwards. They can be vented or ventless.

 Log sets are the most affordable choice, being a set of logs that sits inside your existing fireplace with a gas connection in the center. Much of the heat does up the flue, unfortunately.

 Built-ins are similar to inserts except there is no pre-existing fireplace to slot into. Most gas fireplaces will have logs in the center, but there are other options, such as coal, glass, or stone. 

Of course, all of these materials are fake, made of a heat resistant material and designed for aesthetic appeal.

What are the benefits of gas fireplace installation in Melbourne?

A gas fireplace has a myriad of benefits. It can increase home value dramatically if you are adding a completely new fireplace. It can provide an efficient means to heat your home, cutting down on electricity costs. An open fire is about 25% efficient at converting fuel to heat, compared to the 50 – 90% offered by gas fireplaces. And it will add a considerable level of aesthetic appeal to your home. There is something timeless about a well-installed gas fireplace.
Fireplace installation

Can I install the fireplace myself?

In Victoria (and practically every other state and municipality) it is illegal to work on any kind of gas appliance without a licence. There are significant fines in place for those who work with gas appliances without the proper licensing.  And this stands to reason – gas can be extremely dangerous for those without the expertise, experience, licensing, and qualifications. Thankfully, at Reed Plumbing, we have all of these components to ensure a smooth install.

Can plumbers work with gas appliances?

Gas plumbers are responsible for installing, extending, and repairing natural gas lines and installing associated appliances. Gas plumbers are speciality plumbers that need to get a specific licence. Our speciality gas plumbers at Reed Plumbing & Drainage have the skills and expertise to complete gas fireplace installation in Melbourne. We know all of the codes and regulations surrounding gas fireplace installation.

What does a gas plumber do?

Licensed gas plumbers typically complete the following roles:

  • Install, repair, and replace gas appliances.
  • Install gas bottles (including regulators, changeover valves, pigtails, and gas lines).
  • Install and repair gas flue pipes (important promoting healthy household ventilation).
  • Install gas detection systems.
  • Conduct leak testing and repairs.

What is the difference between a gas plumber and a gas fitter?

Though not commonly understood, there is a difference between a gas plumber and a gas fitter. In fact, there are different standards and different qualifications for each.

To make matters a little confusing, many contractors will offer both gas fitting and gas plumbing. At Reed Plumbing & Drainage, we have licensed and insured gasfitters and licensed and insured gas plumbers.

Either way, the installation of your brand new gas fireplace in Melbourne is covered by our level of expertise.

Call us now for a safe and secure installation of your gas fireplace in Melbourne – 9331 6633.

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