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Let’s face it – nobody likes blocked drains. They make the area smell and they stop the clean flow of water through the pipes. It can also result in water backup. There are many causes, but ultimately you’ll just want your sewer cleaned quickly and efficiently so you can get on with things.

You can simply call a reliable plumbing service that will tend to the problem asap using the latest technologies designed for this exact function.

Our Melbourne blocked drain plumbers use state-of-the-art technology to unblock even the toughest blockages so the sewer is cleared quickly and easily.

We have various methods and equipment to ensure we can clear any blockage that we come across. And because we are a team of 20 working professionals, there is always somebody at hand to help you out, even at 3 AM!
Quotes are fast and free, and we use the very best of equipment to ensure that the problem is resolved promptly and affordably.
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How do I know if my drain is blocked?

In most instances, the drain itself will let you know that it’s blocked. You might notice a foul smell or water might start to back up. This is the most obvious sign. However, it’s not always obvious where the drain actually is, unless it’s a kitchen sink or toilet blockage. The blockage might build up after years in a given area and cause upset in a different yet connected area.

This is where the camera inspection really reveals its value. It will tell you whether your drain is blocked or not, identify where the issue is, and also give you information about what the type of blockage is. This helps to prevent a future blockage and eliminates all ambiguity on the matter.

Common Causes of drain blockage

The most common causes include:

If you’ve tried traditional cleaning products and your sewer continues to obstruct, the issue can be greater than grease, soap or hair. Poorly designed plumbing facilities are a ‘drain’ on the entire household. This is an unfortunate trend that can happen sometimes.

More often, flushing toiletries like napkins or other foreign items, such as cigarette butts, toys and so on, can lead to them getting caught in the pipes. This is probably the number one cause of drain blockage.

How long does it take to fix it?

A standard drain is usually quite a quick fix. You can pour hot water and a DIY solution down it, wait 30 minutes for it to dissolve, and then pour regular cold water down to flush it out. A DIY solution might include baking soda and vinegar or even just boiling water. So, all told, you can fix it in less than an hour. But this only applies to those that can be easily fixed, not the more heavy duty blockages.

If you have the blockage in multiple areas or have a blockage that is far down the pipes, then you’ll need to use more sophisticated tools. The main tool here is the hydrojet. This will power wash all blockages away and may take around 1 – 3 hours. The camera inspection can also take 1 – 3 hours if required, though it depends on the complexity of the piping system and how long the affected area is. Generally, speaking, most sewers can be fixed within 4 hours.

Why should I choose Reed Plumbing?

For the full list of reasons to choose our blocked drain plumbers, check out our ‘Why Choose Us’ page. For the short version, we offer the best services at the best prices. Major benefits of establishing a relationship with us include:

These are just some of the reasons why you should get in touch for a rapid removal of blocked drains.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blocked Drains In Melbourne

If you move to a new home or commercial property, getting the sewer cleaned immediately will ensure that there are no major issues with your plumbing system. Also, routine maintenance for slow flowing drains costs less in the long run than waiting for the network to be fully clogged up.
Other than this, you can clean it annually using a professional service. If it gets clogged in the meantime, then you can call in the professional service for a quick clean.

In some instances, yes you can. There are certain DIY solutions that can work if the block is not severe. You can Google many of these online for more information. But if it’s a recurring issue, then it’s best to get a professional to come in and take a look. The professional service should be able to deploy a remote CCTV camera for a complete inspection.

This will allow you to view the location, extent, and type of blockage. This is invaluable data as it allows precise troubleshooting of the issue without delay. It also helps with pricing and long-term planning. The service provider will also be able to identify other problem areas that you may not notice, such as cracks in the interior of the pipe.

Tree root intrusion or dropping leaves can be another reason why your drains may become blocked. If this happens, DIY cleaning solutions won’t work. You need a hydro jet to blast through it. At Reed Plumbing & Drainage, we’re able to conduct CCTV inspections to find the real cause of your blockages and provide you with a permanent solution.

You could say that there is no single ‘best’ way to prevent the blockage of the drains. Because the blockage is usually an accumulation of many kinds of debris over a long time period. For optimal drain maintenance to prevent blocked drains, do the following:

  1. Schedule a yearly hydro jetting service to scour the inside of the pipes.
  2. Apply your own DIY solution once every few months to prevent debris buildup.
  3. Do not flush anything down the toilet that’s not supposed to go there.

These 3 tips are the most direct methods to ensure your pipes stay clean and clear. It helps to monitor the levels of softness and hardness of the water as well as the pressure, as this also has an impact on blocked drains, but not as much as the three items mentioned above.

In traditional times, the service provider would use what is known as a drain snake. This works perfectly well, even today, to remove the blockage. But it’s not the most sophisticated piece of technology.

Today, the two most common tools would be the hydro jet and the camera. The drain camera identifies the block, providing invaluable data. The hydro jet quickly blasts away all debris. Simple, professional, and effective.

But not all drains will need this. If you have a simple block located in the kitchen sink, then a drain snake could work equally as well, though your entire pipe won’t get the deep cleanse associated with the hydro jet.

In one sense, yes. Whether it’s a kitchen, shower, or toilet drain, there is a blockage that needs to be removed. And regardless of the type of blockage, a hydro jet will be able to tackle it – even if it’s a tree root, which is probably the toughest type to handle.

Removing the blockage is often simple and straightforward, and regardless of your plumbing requirements, we can fix it for you at the best possible price without delay.

But the ancillary problems can be quite varied. Some drains may have cracks, others may need pipe relining, and others may need a pipe to be replaced. These can only be identified and corrected though an experienced provider that can provide the correct remedy.

The cost to unblock a drain in Melbourne will vary depending on who you go to. Generally speaking, however, you should pay between $80 – $150 for a simple unblock. This covers the callout fee and the time and expertise to actually unblock the drain. Of course, if you need a replacement for a pipe or for a section of pipes, it’s going to cost more. Replacing a pipe might cost around $250, while replacing a section of pipes could easily cost $1,000.

All things considered, however, you won’t pay more than $150 for a simple unblock that takes less than one hour. Just ask the provider what tool they will use and whether a camera inspection is included. Some providers include this in the service, others do not. If you are getting charged more than $180 for what seems like a simple unblock, then query the provider.

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