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Secrets for Hiring the Right Plumber

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Your plumbing system is vital for the running of your home. The plumbing industry is strictly regulated by building codes to ensure that all works are carried out safely to protect the public from subpar and dangerous workmanship.
However, this does not mean that many people do not attempt to undertake their own plumbing jobs. For any plumbing project to be successful, plumbing skills, know-how, and the appropriate tools are essential. If you don’t have the skills, fortitude, time, or the right tools to do the job correctly you will need to hire a plumber. Do not simply choose any professional; choose the right one who will do the job correctly, safely, and at an affordable rate. When hiring a plumber, below is a list of what you need to know.

While interviewing potential experts, ensure that they have the following:

  1. They are licensed

Nearly every state, including Victoria, requires that everyone working as a plumber be licensed. On top of them holding a valid plumbing license, find out whether your plumber has a clean and complaint record. Look for any complaints that could have been filed against the plumber or their company.

  1. They have insurance

Although your homeowner’s insurance may offer a certain level of protection, ensuring that your service provider has the relevant liability insurance will protect both you and the service provider in the unlikely case that they are injured during works at your property

  1. They are experienced

Experienced plumbers are worth their weight in gold. Their expertise and problem solving skills can actually save you money in the long run. The longer a plumber has been in the industry, the more skillful and knowledgeable they are and this can only be of benefit to you, the consumer

  1. Ask for their references

Request your potential service provider for recommendations or references of people that they have previously worked for. Call the references and ask them whether they were satisfied or happy with the work done by the plumber or had any issues or complaints. Google reviews is a very helpful tool for assessing a potential plumber

  1. Warranty

Ensure that the expert you decide to work with guarantees their work and the parts for at least one year.

Ways to Find a Good Plumber

Personal referrals, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other online services are some of the easiest ways to find a plumber.

A glowing recommendation from a friend is obviously the most ideal situation, however this isn’t always possible.
If you have a friend who has had plumbing work done recently and the plumber did an exceptional job, ask for the plumber’s contact information. You could also ask real estate agents as well as builders or other trades if they could recommend anyone that they’ve previously worked with. 

The online referral is the next resource for finding a plumber to assist you. Google reviews and Facebook as well Instagram can be extremely valuable resources to helping you find the plumber for our next project or maintenance requirements.

Hire a Good Plumber in Melbourne

At Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, we are fully licensed and certified, have more than 15 years of experience, over 25 five stars reviews on Google and all our work comes with a warranty on workmanship and parts. We are also proud to be nationally accredited by a third party in the areas of Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Management.

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We are experts in all areas of plumbing, so give us a buzz and we’ll able to discuss the options with you to find the best solution in the quickest time.

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