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What is a Pressure Limiting Valve?

A Pressure Limiting Valve is a valve which reduces the pressure of the water flowing through it.

When building a new home, your builder must meet the relevant Australian Standards, which states that the water pressure on your property must not exceed 500kPa.

This standard is also required of all existing properties.

The Installation of a Pressure Limiting Valve is vital on any property, whether it’s a home or commercial property.

It is cheap insurance to ensure that you get the best life out of appliances, meet Australian Standards and protects the integrity of your plumbing system to avoid costly bursts and flooding. 

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“Pressures above 500kPa can cause damage from water hammer, reduced life of appliances, taps and fittings, and cause excessive noise in the system.”        Australian Standards (AS3500.1)

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Limiting Valves in Melbourne

Throughout your home, there is a system of water pipework, both hot and cold, in the walls, ceiling space and often underground. The pipes carry water to all the various taps and outlets throughout your home, including taps and toilets in kitchens, bathrooms, ensuite and laundry.

When all the taps are turned off in the home, the pressure inside the pipework increases to the static pressure of the incoming water supply. This incoming water pressure can fluctuate from very high to low for a multitude of reasons depending on the time of day.

Excessive water pressure can lead to bursts, flooding, water hammer, excessive noise and reduces the life of your  appliances as well as your taps and fittings. 

Pressure Limiting Valves are pieces of safety equipment in your pipeline system. They are vital for the integrity of your plumbing system. 
Preventive maintenance is the single best way to extend the valves’ life. 

In general we suggest water pressure testing be conducted every 12 months and repair every three to five years or as required. 

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