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Finding a commercial plumbing service in Melbourne can be tough work. Many non-specialized plumbers can get the job done, but they take longer and as a result the final charges are higher. They also tend to disrupt essential business processes more. Moreover, this type of service will have different codes and unique units that a general plumber may not be familiar with.

We have specialized plumbers who have done extensive work on commercial projects. This means that if there is a piping problem in a business outlet, we will be able to identify the problem more quickly and apply the solution more rapidly. It always pays to call in the experts, especially when there is a disruption to a business enterprise.

We’ll also complete the job with minimal disruption and maximum cleanliness. And our quality of customer care has been demonstrated in our 5.0 Star reviews and satisfied clients.

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What is commercial plumbing?

These are plumbing tasks completed in a business setting, such as an office block, mall, or regular retail businesses. The difference between residential plumbing lies in the scope and complexity. There is a more complex system of interrelationships between the pipes and fixtures in a mall compared to a single home residence. In a multi-story building, each water system on each floor has to have the correct water pressure.

What should I look for in a commercial plumber?

Commercial issues need to be resolved quickly. So you want an established company that is responsive and experienced. With these issues, there is no time to let a registered plumber or apprentice on the job. A licensed professional with commercial experience is required. They also need to have fast response times and quick communication speed, as emergency issues cannot wait. We have experienced professionals and a rapid emergency response unit to keep your business flowing smoothly

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What questions should I ask a commercial plumbing service provider?

The following are some of the questions you will want to ask a potential service provider:

1. Are you licensed and insured?
2. Can you show proof of licensing and insurance?
3. Do you have experience in commercial plumbing?
4. Do you have online reviews and testimonials?

You may also want to ask if the plumber has industry specific plumbing experience. A project in a hospital is going to be different from a project in a university. This is an added bonus, however. Once the contractor shows experience of working on commercial projects, it should be more than enough – as long as the contractor can provide good reviews and proof of licensing/insurance.

Are there specific commercial licenses in Melbourne?

There are no specific commercial licenses. You need to obtain a license or registration through the Victoria Building Authority, which governs this type of service in Victoria. After this, you can specialize in a specific area or pursue other complementary qualifications. Commercial experts are differentiated mainly by their area of expertise and the past projects they have worked on.

What are the potential hazards I should be aware of?

For commercial plumbers, there are a number of hazards. It can be a physically demanding job with a lot of stooping down and reaching into awkward places. There is often pressure to get the job done – consider a burst pipe in a commercial building where the owner or manager wants the issue fixed asap. There are the hazards associated with working with dirty water and oil in grease traps. There is significant occupational risk when dealing with wet pipes all the time. But at Reed Plumbing & Drainage, we have figured out ways to minimize risk and maximize satisfaction for both parties. And we love to solve the problems posed in commercial plumbing environments.

If you want to avail of motivated and intelligent experts in Melbourne, call us on 9331 6633 today.

Backflow testing ensures that dirty water does not flow backwards into the drinking water supply.

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