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High-Tech CCTV Drain Inspection

A CCTV drain inspection is a great way to identify the cause of a blocked pipe that is hard to access. In fact, it is the quickest way to troubleshoot a blockage without having to dig up the pipes and disrupt the water supply. It gives you the two most valuable pieces of information that you need. First, it tells you what is causing the problem. Second, it tells you where the problem lies.

In a long series of complex pipes, this data is extremely useful and cuts down on the time required for resolution. It is a live feed that displays the entire pipe system that the camera travels upon. Aside from the core problem, it displays other potential hazards and pollutants that might need to be removed, such as scratches, mineral deposits, and rats.

Given the number of potential problems that can affect the quality of a water system, the CCTV inspection is a great way to quickly troubleshoot the issue in the most direct manner possible.

For high-tech inspections in Melbourne using the latest technology, call Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions on 9331 6633.

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How long does a CCTV drain inspection take?

This will depend on the size of your property and whether you want the complete water system inspected or not. The process typically takes between 1 – 4 hours to get all of the footage. We offer a same day service for those that want to get the problem resolved sooner rather than later.

How does the CCTV drain inspection process work?

First, you can get in touch with Reed Plumbing to arrange a suitable time and a reliable quote. Once this is finalized, a technician will arrive at the agreed time. The technician will set up the equipment and analyze the piping and drainage structure. The technician will deploy the CCTV equipment, and this will depend on your unique piping system. The beauty is that the results are fed back to you in real time. The technician will make recommendations and the issue can be immediately resolved or you can arrange a follow up.
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When is CCTV drain inspection necessary?

There are two main situations when you will want to get a CCTV inspection in Melbourne. The first is for blocked pipes. You can quickly and easily identify the exact cause of the problem without resorting to a costly and time-consuming evacuation process. Another situation would be where the pipes are misaligned, due to underground shifts. If we find the problem, we can unblock the pipe or realign the pipe.

What does a CCTV drain inspection check for?

Our high-quality inspection will find out whatever the problem is and also identify any other potential hazards within your water system. We can check for:

1. Pipe Sagging – Pipes may sag for a variety of reasons, becoming misaligned with adjacent pipes. We can pinpoint the extent and location of pipe sagging.

2. Collapsed Pipes – Similar to a sagging pipe, but this one has completely collapsed from its original location.

3. Cracks/Breaks – If there is any structural damage to the pipes including cracks and breaks, then we can also pinpoint the exact location and the extent of the damage.

4. Debris & Blockages – The most common cause of blocked pipes are leaves and organic debris. But the CCTV inspection will find the blockage, whatever this may be.

5. Tree Roots – Small tree roots can actually infiltrate the pipe. It will grow bigger until it is removed.

These are the most common issues located by CCTV inspection units. Trying to find them without the right tools is cost-prohibitive and inefficient.

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Why should I use Reed Plumbing for my CCTV drain inspection?

Because we operate a same day 24/7 service, have 5.0 Star ratings on Google and Facebook, have a dedicated team of 20 skilled plumbers, and are licensed and insured to operate. We also use the latest technology to allow for a stress free CCTV experience that directly locates the source of the problem and follow up with sound advice on how to fix it.

We are the most direct and efficient inspection service in Melbourne.

Call us today for a free quote and an advanced inspection service – 9331 6633.

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