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Today, there are strict standards governing water sanitation. Backflow testing ensures that dirty water does not flow backwards into the drinking water supply. While many restaurant owners might groan at the frequent testing intervals, it is definitely a good thing to have clean water. Melbourne rates extremely high for the quality of its drinking water, and we aim to keep it that way!

In fact, you need to have a specialized license as well as a lot of experience with the regulatory framework and requirements for the testing, maintenance, and installation of backflow devices. You also need to be able to identify what could be causing the issues in a given water system.

At Reed Plumbing, our technicians have the license and we perform the service at a reasonable rate. We deliver high-quality, reliable, and professional service and we are licensed and insured.

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What causes backflow in a water system

What causes backflow in a water system?

There are many things that can cause dirty water to flow backwards. The core reason is that the water system has lost pressure. The more interesting question is what caused the system to lose pressure. Line breaks, system maintenance, modifications, pump failures, and extreme weather conditions can all cause a loss of pressure. If you get in touch with Reed Plumbing & Drainage, we can tell you the cause of pressure loss and suggest the most optimal solution for your specific drainage system.

Is backflow testing mandatory?

Yes. It is not enough to ensure that you have a backflow device installed. You have to install a device and get it tested at regular intervals (annually). The following plumbing standards and regulatory frameworks govern backflow testing in Melbourne, Victoria:

1. Plumbing Code of Australia 2011.
2. Water Industry Regulations 2006.
3. Safe Water Drinking Act 2003.
4. AS/NZS 2845 Water Supply.
5. AS/NZS 3500 Part 1.
6. Water Industry Act 1994.
What are the consequences for failing to test for backflow

What are the consequences for failing to test for backflow?

According to the Water Industry Act of 1994, the network utility operator may disconnect the water supply from a property if the owner does not install, test, replace or maintain the appropriate prevention device. It is the responsibility of the property owner to install and maintain adequate prevention devices and their testing. The testing is required on an annual basis, and you can be fined for failing to test them on time. The testing results need to be sent to the local water authority by a specific date. In the majority of cases, the backflow device will be doing it’s job, and all you need to do is get a licensed tester to verify that everything is in order.

Can a general plumber perform backflow testing in Melbourne?

You need to have a specialized license. As per the Victoria Building Authority, you must meet the following criteria in order to test for backflow:

  • Be registered in the class of water supply work.
  • Complete CPCPWT 4022A commission and maintain backflow prevention services (or demonstrate knowledge and competence equivalent to this competence).
  • Complete the VBA’s examination of registration competencies for this type of work.
What do Reed backflow testers do

What do our testers do?

Typically, our skilled plumbers will be responsible for:

  • Selecting appropriate backflow prevention devices.
  • Installing and testing the prevention devices.
  • Maintaining and repairing the prevention devices.
  • Completing the required compliance documentation when the backflow device is commissioned.

Our testers also have additional skills that complement backflow testing and are able to assess the overall water system outside of the backflow device. It’s important to see the bigger picture and not to merely look at the individual components.

While the theory might sound complex, all you need to do is get a licensed and qualified tester to check your device once a year. Once you do that, you’re home and dry!

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