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Leaking pipes are one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with the plumbing system. It is often the start of a much bigger problem, as the drains have to be compromised if the water is flowing out of it somewhere. 

If the issue is not promptly addressed, it could mean serious structural damage to your home. You might also notice brown stains on walls and ceilings if you have leaking pipes. 

Usually, however, they can be hard to spot as most pipes are not exposed.

If you do notice leaking pipes or think that something is up with your water supply system, don’t hesitate to call in the specialists. We can quickly fix leaks in Melbourne, offering flexible payment options & high-quality service.

We work with the client in mind to deliver a 5 Star service each and every time. Remember that leaks are caused by something deeper. We will find out the origin of the issue and issue a long-term solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Melbourne Leaking Pipes

Leaks are often caused due to high water pressure. While this is often regarded as a good thing, it essentially increases the pressure on the entire piping system and shortens the lifespan of pipes. 

Extreme temperature changes can cause cracks in even the most durable of pipes. Copper piping, found in older homes, are prone to corrosion and rusting.

Tree roots are a very problematic area and can burrow into pipes. Finally, shifts in the foundation of your home can cause drains to misalign, leading to cracks.

Of course. A leaking pipe means that water is flowing inside your home. With time it will cause serious water damage and weaken structural elements. If you do think that you have leaking pipes somewhere but can’t spot it, call a plumber to be sure. Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions provide a 24/7 365 emergency service to tackle leaking pipes and other emergencies.

In Melbourne, the property owner is responsible for all of the internal piping. In other words, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of the drains are in good working order. And the best way to do this is to call a responsible plumber like Reed for maintenance and repairs. It will prevent them from leaking in the first place. If you are renting, however, you can call the landlord to resolve the issue.

You don’t want to wait until you notice obvious signs of a leak. At this stage, it is too late. Plumbers have sophisticated tools to enable them to detect leaks. Even if the leak is under concrete or behind a wall, the plumber can use ground microphones or listening discs for detection. Of course, they will also do the typical checks on fixtures, taps and drains, to see if anything is awry.

It depends on the type of leak. If the leak is coming from a joint, then we can simply tighten up the joint to stop the leak.

However, if the leak is coming from the pipe itself, we will need to turn off the water supply and replace the pipe with a better one. If the leak is tiny, then we can apply epoxy putty, tape, or compound sticks.

However, it is still better to replace the drain even if the leak is tiny. Better safe than sorry. Bandaids are no match for structural integrity when it comes to durable water systems.

If you want to fix leaking pipes in Melbourne for the long-term, call the experts at 9331 6633.

Leaking Pipes Melbourne
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