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Identifying discharge location of overflow pumps with Smoke Machine.

The Challenge

  • A stormwater overflow pit located deep in the basement of a hospital in the City of Melbourne has overflow pumps that have not been used for some years.
  • There was no information on any plans indicating where the pump lines discharged or whether there were any leaks.
  • There were concerns about turning the pumps on and introducing water without knowing if they were sound.
  • CCTV inspection was difficult because the pipe is 40mm brass and runs through ceilings with many bends, making camera inspections challenging.
  • Pump line is located in an area that is heavily used by patients and staff

The Solution

Using the Esteam from ROM allowed us to test the pump line and find the discharge point without cutting into the pipe, without cutting into the ceiling to locate and chase the pipe.

Successfully located the overflow pump line and ensured it was clear for use before turning on the pumps The pumps were successfully commissioned and are now ready to be used if they are ever needed to be

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