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How to Avoid Summer Plumbing Emergencies


Be ready for Summer Plumbing Emergencies

Every one of us is looking forward to the summer, especially after the rainy days and the chilly nights. Summer comes with some delicious warm weather, perfect for weekends at the beach or around a barbie. Also, your home is busiest during summer with kids out of school, lawn sprinklers running almost 24/7, and your washing machine working overtime.

However, according to most plumbers, summer is also peak time for most plumbing emergencies. This is because the winters cold has strained your hot water system, whereas summer places different pressure on the same. A combination of increased household use and hot summer’s high temperatures is likely to cause severe problems to your plumbing infrastructure. Below are some tips to avoid plumbing emergencies during warm weather.

How to avoid a Plumbing Emergency?

Get your washing machine checked.

Your washing machine is likely to get a little busier with all the sweaty t-shirts and beach towels. For that reason, you will need to ensure that it is well prepared for the tough times ahead. Check the hoses for any signs of wear. If, for instance, your clothes are still wet after a spin, that means your washing machine’s motor is worn out. If it is leaking, it is noisy, or the clothes come out with stains are all indications that you need to do some maintenance before a major crisis during summer.

Make toilet rules

School is out in summer, and this is great for your kids. However, your toilet is probably not prepared for the extra workload. Plumbers report that summer is high season for toilet callouts not just because many people are using it but because children are misusing it. Some of these problems are as simple as too much paper usage peruse by kids without flushing it away, thus causing a clog. At times plumbers also find dolls and toys down there, so it is essential to let your kids know that they should not trash their toys in the toilet; otherwise, the toilet won’t flush.

Let your drains breathe.

Summers are the time for get-togethers with friends and family. These parties could be hectic at times, mainly because many people are using your toilet with your drain as an innocent victim. Not just in summer, but all around the year, you should be extra careful about what you flush down the drain. Avoid flushing down food scraps, fats, and oils because they will build up over time and block the drain; if in doubt whether to shove it down the drain, just don’t do it.

Make arrangements for an annual check.

Plumbing problems can be so hectic to the extent of posing a safety risk to your family as well as costing you thousands of bucks. It is advisable that you book a plumbing inspection at least once per year to ensure that your pipes, toilets, hot water systems, and taps are checked and are on top of their shape for the summer and all its fun.


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