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Proven Hot Water Service Melbourne

Nobody wants to be caught out in the cold with a broken hot water system.

If you’ve ever felt the sting of cold water in the shower when your water heater malfunctions, you know how important it is to have a reliable system.

Melbourne hot water service is also important for businesses to remain operational. From cooking to cleaning and bathing, keeping water up and running with proper service and timely repair is essential.

At Reed Plumbing, we remain on call for repairs, servicing, and installation for any issue. We know how inconvenient or uncomfortable a water outage can be. That’s why our expert plumbers are focused on timely, professional service that gets the job done right every time.

Call us on 9331 6633 to get your hot water flowing right today!

Highly quality inspection in Melbourne. We offer flexible payment options & deliver quality-service – honestly, safely & with up most respect 24/7.

At Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, we get that replacing or upgrading your heater is an experience you probably haven’t planned for.
Faulty pipes, leaks, clogged drains — we do it all, and we can resolve your plumbing problems before you have to deal with out-of-control repair costs, floods, and worse.

Signs you may need a problem with your hot water system

A complete outage with your water running stone cold is a clear indicator that something is awry. But that’s not the only time when hot water service comes into play.

You could have an issue if you notice that the pressure is running low or inconsistently. Water discoloration could be a problem with your pipes, but if it’s brown tinged or has sediment, there could also be something wrong with your system.

Other hints that it’s time to call out for help for your bathroom plumbing include:

  • Hammering pipes
  • Odd smells or taste
  • Inconsistent temperature
  • Leaks or condensation

How long does it take to install water units?

This depends on the type of system you’re installing and the level of complexity. All things running smoothly, a hot water system should be installed within a day. If it’s a mere replacement, it should only take 3 – 4 hours as the pipes are already there. A new installation might take closer to 6 – 8 hours.

A complex installation, such as a solar system on the roof, might run into the next day. But the majority of installations will be done in less than 8 hours and the majority of replacements will be complete in less than 4 hours.

Newer models might need certain adjustments that can increase this time. However, once up and running, your unit should last 15 years and longer. As always, contact the best hot water service Melbourne can offer for further details regarding installation times.

How much does a Melbourne hot water service cost?

The price of these services varies considerably depending on a number of components. For an installation, the price can vary between $500 – $3,500. This will mainly depend on the type of system (instant, pump, electric, gas, etc).

The difficulty of installation will also be a consideration. Solar systems will cost far more. The cheapest type is electric, and these will often cost less than $600. Hot water systems will range from 125 – 150 litres in capacity and you will pay extra for the increase.

The repairs will cost anything from $150 – $500. It will depend on whether it’s a simple fix or not. You will have to pay $150 or so for a tempering valve if it needs a replacement.

For precise pricing, you’ll need to contact your manufacturer directly. It’s generally best to find a reliable commercial plumber and use them for both installation and repairs as necessary. You can build up trust and a relationship, and they will be familiar with both you and the product to be repaired if needed.

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How to choose the best hot water service in Melbourne

This system is a critical utility for homes and businesses, so it’s best to leave any install, service, or repair to the experts. Look for a company with proven experience working with the specific type of plumbing work that you need. You can also ask for references or look up customer reviews online to get a sense of what to expect.

From there, take a closer look at the business itself. Only work with a fully licensed and insured company so you know your home and anyone working in it is protected.

Then check whether it is family run and operated with dedication to customer service. Do they prioritise customer support and offer 24/7 emergency service? Don’t be afraid to ask a provider about the tools, brands, or teams they use for each job. Certifications and memberships can also tell you a lot about a plumber. Those who are ISO certified or part of Master Plumbers show that they go the extra mile for a job well done.

Call Reed Plumbing

Whether you’re considering an upgrade for more efficient consumption or your existing system has simply stopped working, Reed Plumbing is ready to help. We’re among the most reliable plumbers in Melbourne, with a team of over 20 in-house expert plumbers and 24/7 emergency support.

Call us on 9331 6633 or book an appointment online today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Water Service in Melbourne

A professional plumbing service will help you here, but generally it comes down to a few factors. Whether you have gas, electric, or solar power will narrow down your choices.

Options include the system size you need (usually based on the number of people in the home), storage type (tank, tankless, instantaneous, etc.), and brand (where warranties are the biggest factor). Your plumber will also consider your budget, efficiency, and sustainability requirements when making a recommendation.

For starters, water heater installation requires a permit and must be performed by a professional plumber. You simply aren’t allowed to install one yourself. By choosing an experienced, qualified plumbing service to manage the install for you, you can also be sure the system will work its best. You’ll also benefit from any warranties offered by the system manufacturer or the plumbing service itself in case something unexpected happens.

When your water heater gets older, it will become less efficient when using power. Leaks and other damage can add to utility bills. Perhaps the most realistic alternative when an older device shows signs of trouble is to have it replaced. Newer models are designed with energy efficiency in mind, with options for water recirculating pumps and instantaneous systems. After all, water systems can contribute to nearly one-third of your energy bills each month.

Start by making sure you have a real emergency on your hands. If it can wait until morning or regular business hours, you might benefit from better pricing options. But some issues, especially a heater that springs a leak, simply can’t wait. In that case, call the team at Reed Plumbing and Drainage Services on our Plumbing Emergency Line on 9331 6633.

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Fully Licensed & Insured

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Flexible Payment Options

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