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Fire and Hazard Prevention during BBQ Season in Melbourne and Victoria

With the spring here and the summer season just around the corner, outdoor activities are set to become popular venues for gathering with friends and family. One particularly popular activity enjoyed by every kind of public is barbecuing.

This is a beloved activity that unites friends, family, and even strangers. Barbecuing solidifies a national identity around the grill and provides moments for building thrust relations, friendships and even networking opportunities.

Between July 2022 and June 2023, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) responded to 190 BBQ-related fires, most of which were preventable.

It’s crucial to remember that incidents involving fire and explosions can have lasting impacts. Experts say that “patients in these types of accidents usually suffer burns to around six per cent of their body”. (9News, 2021)

Accident situations are rare, but it is important to create awareness and learn how to prevent and handle scenarios related to gas leaks and fire hazards. Since we consider safety key to the prevention of unfortunate accidents, we group below a series of recommendations that are proven to be valuable for barbecuing activities since performing safety check-ups on devices and equipment should always be a priority.

  • Always inspect gas cylinders for leaks. You can do this by applying soapy water to the hose and regulator connections. If bubbles appear, it indicates faulty equipment that needs repair or replacement.
  • Performing a visual inspection of devices and connections in order to spot any abnormal signs or deterioration, perishing and/or cracking of hoses. It is also important to ensure an efficient consumption of resources such as methane or petrol.
  • Preventing the build-up and accumulation of gas is crucial to prevent fires and explosions. Enclosed spaces also favour gas build, ending up with an environment that could become toxic and/or deadly for people and animals.
  • Avoid placing barbecues or grilling devices in enclosed spaces and allow significant clearance from other elements such as furniture, fences and other home or garden components.
  • Maintaining barbecues in proper shape, by cleaning surfaces and preventing build-up of grease, oils and other substances that might help a fire to spread swiftly.

Taking these steps will allow you to increase safety and allow you to enjoy countless hours of barbecuing

Be vigilant about abnormal situations such as unusual smells, increasing bills or inefficient cylinders and others that could also indicate potential leaks related to gas installations such as barbecues. Don’t hesitate to seek qualified advice to sort out any of these issues. Corrosion, raptures and broken pipes are a few common issues related to gas installations, you can find a team of qualified professionals at Reed and Mr Leak Detector that will assess such situations.


9 News. (2021, December 22). Melbourne man’s barbecue warning after he was set on fire. Breaking Australian and World News Headlines – 9News.

Quick barbecue safety check will keep you safe this Melbourne Cup Day. (n.d.).

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