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Questions we’ve answered before. If you have a question or concern that has not been answered below, please feel free to contact immediately.

Blocked Drains

If you’ve tried traditional drain cleaning products and your drain continues to obstruct, the issue can be greater than grease, soap or hair.

Flushing toiletries like napkins or other foreign items, such as cigarette butts, toys and so on, can lead to them getting caught in the pipes and blocking drains. Tree root intrusion or dropping leaves can be another reason why your drains may become blocked. 

At Reed Plumbing we are able to conduct CCTV inspections to find the real cause of your blockages and provide you with a permanent solution. 

If you move to a new home or commercial property, getting the drains cleaned immediately will insure that there are no major issues with your plumbing system.

Also, routine maintenance for slow flowing drains costs less in the long run than waiting for the network to be fully clogged up.

Yes we can. If your toilet doesn’t flush properly, do not try to flush it. 

Call for a professional to come and unblock it for you.

Just call our 24 hour Plumbing Emergency Line on 9331 6633.

Pressure limiting valves

Throughout your home, there is a system of water pipework, both hot and cold, in the walls, ceiling space and often underground. The pipes carry water to all the various taps and outlets throughout your home, including taps and toilets in kitchens, bathrooms, ensuite and laundry.

When all the taps are turned off in the home, the pressure inside the pipework increases to the static pressure of the incoming water supply. This incoming water pressure can fluctuate from very high to low for a multitude of reasons depending on the time of day.

Excessive water pressure can lead to bursts, flooding, water hammer, excessive noise and reduces the life of your  appliances as well as your taps and fittings. 

Pressure Limiting Valves are pieces of safety equipment in your pipeline system. They are vital for the integrity of your plumbing system. 
Preventive maintenance is the single best way to extend the valves’ life. 

In general we suggest water pressure testing be conducted every 12 months and repair every three to five years or as required. 

Hot water system

A water heater leak can lead to a big mess unless care is taken in a timely manner. The device can not only leak in your floor but it can also burst and cause more damage. If you suspect a leak, sediment and mineral buildup could corrode your unit. Often this happens when untreated hard water gets into the tank.

The hot water systems has to work at its best. Next, make sure that your water heater is properly mounted. When you call Reed Plumbing for your professional installation of a hot water system, you can be confident it will be installed with expert care and precision. Our attention to detail ensures that you can rest of mind knowing that your unit operates safely and efficiently.

When your water heater gets older it needs to use more and more power. Perhaps the most realistic alternative when an older device shows signs of trouble is to have it replaced. In all emergency cases we offer replacements of the same day unit. Make sure to let us know what’s going on with your water heater and we will dispatch a technician to check out the problem as quickly as possible.

Pipe Relining

Our Permaliner system repairs 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 225mm pipes.
A relining repair eliminates tree root intrusion and requires no pulling through manholes.

We can also repair internal stacks and downpipes.

As a part of our diagnostic assessment we use CCTV remote technology to scan the pipe internally and determine the cause of problem.
This allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged area, providing our customers with the most cost effective solution. 


Leaks can occur in various areas of the house, and they are not always easy to pinpoint. Without the use of specialised equipment, it can be near impossible to find the exact origin of a leak, or its cause. 

If you have a leaking tap, you are literally putting money down the drains. The amount of water that drips out of a tap will add up quickly. 
We are able to assist with all plumbing issues, no matter how big or small. 

Water that flows out of pipes can cause major flooding. You’ll be left with serious damage and mold growth when the flooding is over. Mold is harmful to humans and animals, and after a few weeks of prolonged exposure, can cause severe respiratory problems.

Please visit our CO Testing page to get more information about it. Click here

  • Hissing noise close to a pipeline or gas appliance
  • Dead plant life near the gas line
  • Excess bubbles in ponds near your home
  • A fire, if the leak has already ignited.

All of these issues are red flags and if you notice any of them, call a licensed professional immediately. They will be able to perform and inspection and repair the problem immediately.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends having your gas appliances tested by a qualified gas fitter at least every two years.

Gutters blockages

A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris can cause roof leaks and water damage to your home’s interior or exterior.
Blocked gutters also make a great home for nasties such as rats, snakes, spiders, mice and harmful mould. 

It depends largely on where you live and, most importantly, how many trees are in your yard.
Experts recommends having gutters maintained in the spring and fall.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your concerns and we will be able to offer our advice. 

What to do if I have plumbing emergency after hours?

Reed Plumbing and Drainage Services has an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

Just call our 24 hour Plumbing Emergency Line on 9331 6633.

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