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Gas leaks are a major health and safety hazard.
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Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. Pure natural gas is odorless and colorless.
It is a silent killer.

  • CO leaks can cause respiratory problems and if breathed in enough, can actually lead to death. 
  • Natural gas is flammable, so if there is a spark near the leak, it could cause a fire or explosion.
  • Energy Safe Victoria recommendeds that all gas appliances, including hot water units, heateres, cooktops and ovens, be CO tested at a minimum of every two years 

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Our expert team at Reed Plumbing can service all of your gas appliances, including Heating and Cooling units, regularly and carry out a carbon monoxide tests to ensure that they are safe to operate. 

Our carbon monoxide tests identify any faults in your gas appliances. If you have never had your system tested it is important to have it done.,

Quick Tips & Tricks

  • Hissing noise close to a pipeline or gas appliance
  • Dead plant life near the gas line
  • Excess bubbles in ponds near your home
  • A fire, if the leak has already ignited.

All of these issues are red flags and if you notice any of them, call a licensed professional immediately. They will be able to perform and inpsection and repair the problem immediately.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends having your gas appliances tested by a qualified gas fitter at least every two years.

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