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Drains fixed without digging up the garden. Pipe Relining

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Most homeowners are afraid that major sewer system issues like clogs and leaks will necessitate the digging up of their yard, which might damage their lawns. Well, this was a standard norm in the past. However, with the current technology advancement, sewer line professionals can complete repairs without necessarily digging up your property. Pipe Relining will save you thousands of bucks as your yard will be protected from excavations.

Pipe Relining

If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to repair your damaged drains, Pipe Relining is the way to go. This technology allows for the installation of our products from above the ground, thus eliminating the need for digging. This method of drain rehabilitation is the most preferred among most water authorities in Australia as it extends the life of the pipe with over fifty years.

Among the things that we do include; no-dig trenchless pipe repair, remote CCTV pipe inspection and video reports, sewer and stormwater repair and relining complex, repairs to pipes between 40mm to 1.5m  and restricted access sites, as well as in robotic drain cutting, trenchless pipe relining and jetting.  

Steps of a relining procedure
  1. Inspection – The first step is that we will put a camera down your drain to inspect and assess the damage from an already existing point of access on your property.
  2. Cleaning – the next step will be cleaning the drains using our high-pressure water jets, getting rid of any tree roots in preparation for the relining of the pipe.
  3. Insertion- The liner, which is filled with resin and a deflated bladder, will then be inserted in the bladder.
  4. Inflation – once the liner is in position, the bladder then inflates, expanding the liner, which forms the new pipe’s shape, thus creating a new pipe within the damaged pipe.
  5. Completion –once the raisin cures forming a permanent replacement pipe, the bladder is removed such that the pipe is usable immediately.

Advantages of Pipe Relining system

This trenchless pipe repair has a couple of benefits which includes;

  • Saves on time as compared to the traditional yard excavation method
  • The repairs are precise as they use sturdy and durable replacement pipes
  • You will not have to incur any landscaping costs, such as grass, garden, and plant replacement, as your yard will not be dug up.
  • A relining repair does not necessarily require pulling through manholes and remove the tree root intrusion.
  • Have the ability to repair downpipes and internal stacks.
  • Remote CCTV pipe inspection and video reports.

To read more information about Pipe Relining. Click Here

Pipe relining in Melbourne

Fix your broken pipes without digging up your property. 

Reed Plumbing is ready to fix any broken pipes in simple domestic setups as well as complex, large-scale commercial properties. 

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