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Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions use state-of-the-art technology to unblock even the toughest blockages so that we can clear your drains quickly and easily.  

We have various methods and equipment to ensure we can clear any blockage that we come across.

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If you’ve tried traditional drain cleaning products and your drain continues to obstruct, the issue can be greater than grease, soap or hair.

Flushing toiletries like napkins or other foreign items, such as cigarette butts, toys and so on, can lead to them getting caught in the pipes and blocking drains. Tree root intrusion or dropping leaves can be another reason why your drains may become blocked. 

At Reed Plumbing we are able to conduct CCTV inspections to find the real cause of your blockages and provide you with a permanent solution. 

If you move to a new home or commercial property, getting the drains cleaned immediately will insure that there are no major issues wiht your plumbing system.

Also, routine maintenance for slow flowing drains costs less in the long run than waiting for the network to be fully clogged up.

Reed Plumbing and Drainage Services has an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Just call our 24 hour Plumbing Emergency Line on 9331 6633.

Yes we can. If your toilet doesn’t flush properly, do not try to flush it. 

Call for a professional to come and unblock it for you.

Just call our 24 hour Plumbing Emergency Line on 9331 6633.

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