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What is preventative maintenance

Elite Bathroom Plumbing Melbourne

The bathroom is an area that needs more attention as far as plumbing is concerned. It sees a lot of water use as it has a number of outlets – the shower, bath, toilet, and sink. The bathroom is a common area for plumbing issues, so it’s best to give the area higher-quality materials and more frequent maintenance.

Typical areas of concern include blocked showers and clogged toilets, often from the flushing of materials that have no place in there. Low water pressure and a lack of hot water are other concerns to be aware of. And another common problem would tend to be leaky pipes, though this can be hard to diagnose.

Regardless of what the issue is, Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions will be able to provide a remedy. We offer an elite bathroom plumbing service in Melbourne that can do more than fix a leaking pipe. A high-quality bathroom installation can add thousands of dollars in value to your home, and it is a key area for potential buyers to investigate.

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Can I plumb the bathroom myself

Can I plumb the bathroom myself?

No. Only a licensed or registered plumber is allowed to plumb a bathroom or do any work on piping. There are some small items you can do in relation to unblocking drains and screwing on certain things such as showerheads. But you cannot make significant changes to pipes and fixtures.

Are the toilet and shower drains connected?

This can be done with the right use of traps, but connecting the two is generally not recommended for the purpose of sanitation. Water from the toilet is called blackwater (i.e. sewage) and water from the shower, bath, and sink is known as greywater. Both will obviously need sanitization, but extra layers of filtration are needed for blackwater. Blackwater goes to the sewage treatment system. Greywater goes into the stormwater system.
What are the most common plumbing problems associated with the bathroom

What are the most common plumbing problems associated with the bathroom?

The 4 most common plumbing problems in relation to bathrooms are:

1. Clogged Toilet – This can be very frustrating, and is often caused by wrong items flushed down the toilet. If a plunger does not work, then it’s time to call in professional help.

2. Clogged Shower – The shower drain can also get clogged, often for the same reason of incorrect objects.

3. Dirty Tap Water – Water coming from the taps should be clean and clear. If the water coming out is brown or red, then it is a sign of impurities in the water, possibly due to corrosion of the pipes.

4. Lack of Hot Water – There is nothing more annoying than expecting a hot shower before work only to find there is none available. There are many causative factors, such as gas flow interruption or lack of proper ventilation.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues call Reed Plumbing on 9331 6633. We have extensive experience with bathroom plumbing of all kinds.

Do plumbers do bathroom renovations

Do plumbers do bathroom renovations?

Of course. Plumbers are the first point of call in terms of bathroom renovations, at least ones that involve changing the toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. In other words, anything that involves the core features of a bathroom! It is best to consult a plumber first, as the pipes need to meet Melbourne standards. The connection between pipes in the bathroom is more complex than you might think. Once you have the core features down, you can consult other contractors for specialized areas, such as electricians and tilers. But the pipes come first.

What are the benefits of elite bathroom plumbing in Melbourne?

You can fix your pipes so the water that you shower and bathe in is as clean as possible. This point is often overlooked. Not only do you want your pipes to last as long as possible, you want to look for ways to maximise water purity. The fact that your bathroom will look great and value will be added to your home are added bonuses!

To avail of some of the incredible benefits of bathroom plumbing in Melbourne, call Reed at 9331 6633 today.

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