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APAC Insider Awards 2021: Reed Plumbing Is the Winner!

APAC Insider Awards 2021

This year’s recognition is just another example of the exemplary service Reed Plumbing provides to the Melbourne area

Our team is proud to announce that we have been named “Best Local Plumbing Company – Melbourne” in the APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards. This honor reflects both our growth as a company over the past year as well as our dedication to providing quality services for repair and maintenance to every customer.

As we celebrate this achievement as a team, we’re taking a closer look at the APAC Insider Awards and the meaning this brings to everyone here at our company.

All about the Australian Enterprise Awards

Each year APAC Insider recognizes the businesses that contribute to the growth of regional economies. From Singapore to Southeast Asia, APAC Insider highlights the challenges and successes businesses face in their markets and the strides they take to achieving individual goals and broader economic contribution. 

This year, the awards took on new meaning as the world continues to struggle in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards specifically focused on the innovation and progress business leaders have been able to achieve in spite of the pandemic’s challenges. 

Companies are anonymously nominated for consideration and then evaluated based on a variety of criteria by an independent panel. Once nominated, businesses are asked to submit additional information in order to be considered for the award. This allows the APAC Insider judging panel to evaluate based on performance, growth, diversity, innovation, and input from the community.

After an eight-week review process, the winners are announced on both the APAC Insider website as well as the publication’s magazine and media channels. In circulation since 2015, APAC Insider circulation spans over 160,000 professionals interested in learning the latest in business trends and success stories.

What the Australian Enterprise Award Means to Reed Plumbing

Our entire team was honored to be nominated for this award, let alone be the recipient of the “Best Local Plumbing Company – Melbourne”. As a family-owned business founded in 2017, we take this recognition to heart. We’ve committed ourselves to growing our team and creating a strong foundation to provide for our employees with an open and loyal environment that fosters success for everyone.

Within our community here in Melbourne, we strive to provide repair and maintenance to all piping issues at the best price backed by the best customer service. We believe that our business to thrive, customers must be put first and foremost with integrity, team work, and accountability. 

We’ve always been dedicated to quality customer experiences, as reflected in our 5.0 star ratings on Google and Facebook. Our mantra has been, and will continue to be, to “go out there and do something remarkable.” We do this as a team with the honesty, professionalism, and complete industry knowledge we bring to each and every residential and commercial project we take on. 

What Comes Next for Award-Winning Reed Plumbing?

Here in Melbourne, it’s still business as usual. We’re sticking to what works for both us and our customers and to the footing that led to the nomination and Australian Enterprise Award in the first place. 

Whether you have a new project, renovation, or emergency leak, we remain available to help! Our master plumbers look forward to solving any issues you encounter with your pipes, drains, hot water, HVAC, and beyond. 

Call us anytime on 9331 6633 – we provide free quotes for services and 24/7 emergency repairs.

Hire a Good Plumber in Melbourne

The factors that make an excellent plumber include a considerable portfolio of services, five stars Google ratings, as well as being easy to communicate with.

At Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, we are fully licensed and certified, have more than 15 years of experience.

certified license plumber reed
If you think we can be of service, please give us a call on 9331 6633, book online through the website (book online here), email us ( or reach out on our social media social media, etc.

We are experts in all areas of plumbing, so give us a buzz and we’ll able to discuss the options with you to find the best solution in the quickest time.

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