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Air Con Preventative Maintenance

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One of the most essential pieces of equipment in your home is your air conditioner. Your air conditioner keeps your home at its optimal temperature so that your family can be comfortable and cool all summer long. An Air Con Preventive Maintenance is important, since you heavily so rely on your aircon.

Many homeowners worry about the cost and hassle of having to have their air conditioner repaired during the hot summer months. However, this guide can help you to maintain your air conditioning unit yourself so that it is able to operate at its optimal efficiency. Doing these simple things will save you money by helping to stretch out the time required between professional service-calls.

  1. Check your air conditioners thermostat.

The thermostat is your air conditioners command centre that sets the temperature, ensuring that your home is comfortable all summer long. The thermostat reads your rooms ambient temperature and automatically triggers the unit to kick in, ensuring that you’re never left uncomfortably hot and sweaty. If you are having issues with our air conditioner, this can be a great place to start your investigations.

  1. Ensure that your connections are tight.

Electrical malfunctions can cause your units thermostat and other parts to run inefficiently, as well as causing more permanent damage. One of the leading causes of your air conditioner not turning on when the temperate rises, is a disconnected or loose electrical connection. Upon inspection, if you find any loose electrical connections, we recommend that you engage a licensed professional to assist.

  1. Ensure that all of the air conditioners moving parts are well lubricated.

For your air conditioner to work perfectly, it will rely heavily on its moving parts. If these moving parts are not well lubricated, the chances are that it will cause excessive wear and tear on your unit, which could eventually lead to an expensive air conditioner repair being required, or even replacement of the unit. One of the most crucial air conditioner preventative measures is regularly turning off you unit and lubricating all its moving parts. A product like WD40 or similar is great for this job. Lubrication of your air conditioners moving parts helps increase the lifespan of your unit and helps it to function optimally.

  1. Inspect the unit’s condensation drain.

Every air conditioner has a conditioning unit featuring a condensation drain. This is responsible for draining moisture away from the unit. Whenever the condensational drain blocks, moisture can accumulate inside the unit and this can lead to significant damage. You should check the condensation drain regularly, ensuring that it does not have debris causing blockages and that any moisture is able to easily escape.

  1. Deep clean your air conditioning unit.

Another crucial part of a preventative maintenance schedule for your air conditioner is cleaning it regularly. Dirt loves to build up in air conditioning units and this can lead to complications and loss of functionality. To ensure that your unit runs well and is in tip top condition, you will need to occasionally clean the system’s evaporator, blower, and condenser. While cleaning the unit, give all of the parts a good visual check, remove the folders and clean with a soft brush.

Keeping on top of these maintenance suggestions regularly will keep your air conditioning unit running at its optimum efficiency which will save you money in the long run.

On top of these regular maintenance points, your unit should thoroughly be inspected by a professional regularly to complete the more detailed maintenance required to ensure that your unit has along life and runs to the best of its ability. Energy Safe Victoria recommends having inspections performed at least every two years by a licensed professional. 

Preventive Aircon Maintenance in Melbourne

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